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Service & Storage

         " Personal Service at it's Best"

 We're expanding our storage to accommodate one hundred boats.                                             Reserve your space soon.

  • Storage:
    Outside storage;  $3.50 per foot per month
    Battery storage;  $30.00 per battery
    Outboard storage;  (up to 25hp)   $100.00
    Boat Stand rental;  $15.00 per stand per season

    Haul/Launch;  call for quote. 207 460-5866

    Pressure Wash; $85.00

    Labor Rate; $85.00/ hour

    Forklift (includes operator);  $100.00 per hour

    Shrink Wrap:
    0 to 30 feet      $18.00 per foot
    ​31 to 41 feet    $19.00 per foot


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